Partner With Us

With more than 35 years of experience in the US generic pharmaceutical market, we provide unparalleled experience to our partners. Our partners benefit from our well-established reputation for quality, compliance and customer service.

Our Approach

Strategic partnerships are an integral component of the company's growth strategy. We are focused on developing products with significant barriers to entry and longer life cycles. We continue to build and foster strategic business alliances with major pharmaceutical companies, specialty drug delivery companies and other product and service providers.

Achieving a successful partnership can present a number of challenges for many pharmaceutical companies. However, Par Pharmaceutical's nimble organizational structure promotes decisive action and first-to-market status, helping to make partnerships run more smoothly.

Among the industry-differentiating qualities Par Pharmaceutical brings to every partnership, collaboration includes:


We have been the authorized generic partner of choice for more than a decade for innovator companies and brand product marketers. We offer high-quality, highly complimentary, US-based contract manufacturing services, and look for drug delivery expertise and an understanding of US generic requirements in our partners.


For specialty generic pharmaceutical product development companies, we use a variety of deal structures, ranging from free-for-service to profit-sharing collaborations. Our portfolio and new-product partnering strategy is focused on first-to-file opportunities as well as challenging products with unusual barriers to entry.


We are interested in modified-released oral solid dosage forms as well as non-oral dosage forms such as nasal sprays, injectables, dry powder inhalers, patches and other alternative drug delivery platforms. Our focus is on Therapeutically Equivalent ANDA-based products, and others on a case-by-case basis.